S y m p h o n i c  B a n d

Scores are free to download. 

Overture for Band 1984 (4:30) Published by KJOS Music, www.kjos.com

Clarasm for Clarinet Section and Band 1985 (3:30)

Essay for Band 1986 (6:30)

McChord Field March 1988 (2:30)

Treasure State Festival Overture 1989 (6:00) Published by KJOS Music, www.kjos.com

The Flight Of Icarus 1995 (7:30)

Second Essay 2003 (10:30) Published by Ars Nova Press, www.arsnovapress.org

Metropolitan Fanfare 2010 (2:00)

S o l o  w i t h  B a n d

Concerto for Clarinet and Band 1984 (7:30)

Rhapsody for Piano and Wind Ensemble 1985 (7:30)

Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble 2002 (13:00)